Note: This is a student project from a course affiliated with the Ethnography of the University Initiative. EUI supports faculty development of courses in which students conduct original research on their university, and encourages students to think about colleges and universities in relation to their communities and within larger national and global contexts.

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Title:It doesn't matter where I live: Everyone has to follow same thing.
Author(s):Kim, Dohye; Kim, So Jung; McDonald, Bridget
Subject(s):International undergraduate
South Korean undergraduate
life history interview
early study abroad
English frenzy
Abstract:Our research project attempted to find out how South Korean international students envisioned their lives at the UIUC campus. To explore what kind of meanings our informant created during her residency here, we investigated her life trajectories, in particular, in relation to her education. In this podcast, we reveal how our informant interacts with other international students as well as domestic students, and how she evaluates the life in the US and at UIUC.
Issue Date:2013-04
Course / Semester:EALC 398; Fall 2012
Instructor, Nancy Abelmann
Publication Status:unpublished
Peer Reviewed:not peer reviewed
Date Available in IDEALS:2013-04-04

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