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Title:Combined irregular roughness and favorable-pressure-gradient effects in a turbulent boundary layer
Author(s):Min, Dahhea
Director of Research:Christensen, Kenneth T.
Doctoral Committee Chair(s):Christensen, Kenneth T.
Doctoral Committee Member(s):Austin, Joanna M.; Best, James L.; Vanka, Surya Pratap
Department / Program:Mechanical Sci & Engineering
Discipline:Theoretical & Applied Mechans
Degree Granting Institution:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Subject(s):turbulent boundary layer
favorable pressure gradient turbulent boundary layer
surface roughness
irregular roughness
combined effects of surface roughness and favorable pressure gradient
large scale motions in wall turbulence
Abstract:An experimental study of the combined impact of highly irregular surface roughness and moderate favorable-pressure-gradient (FPG) conditions on the structure of a turbulent boundary layer was assessed using two-dimensional particle image velocimetry (PIV) measurements in the streamwise{ wall-normal plane and stereo PIV measurements in the wall-normal{spanwise plane. The roughness under consideration was replicated from a turbine blade damaged by deposition of foreign materials and contains a broad range of topographical scales. The two-dimensional PIV measurements were compared to measurements of smooth-wall ow under both identical FPG conditions as well as zeropressure- gradient (ZPG) conditions in order to reveal the impact of roughness and FPG conditions on the underlying structure of the ow. The suppression of boundary layer thickness and Reynolds normal and shear stresses was observed in the smooth-wall FPG case. However, with the addition of surface roughness to the identical FPG condition, enhanced momentum de cit and Reynolds normal and shear stresses were found in the combined FPG and roughness condition. The result of quadrant analysis revealed the signi cant dominance of ejections over sweeps under FPG condition regardless of the surface conditions, while the comparable impact of sweeps and ejections was observed under ZPG conditions. Similar impacts of FPG and surface roughness were observed in the cross-plane stereo PIV measurements. Of interest, smooth-wall results displayed homogeneity in the spanwise direction, while strong inhomogeneity was observed in the FPG rough-wall case due to roughness protrusions along the spanwise direction. In terms of ow structural modi cations, inspection of instantaneous velocity elds in the 2D PIV measurements revealed vortex organization consistent with ZPG smooth-wall ow, though focused closer to the wall with a shallower inclination angle under smooth-wall FPG conditions. In contrast, the combined FPG and surface roughness e ect promoted vortical structure penetration much further away from the wall and enhanced an momentum de cit, indicating that roughness mitigates the FPG-induced focusing of these structural attributes toward the wall. Results from the two-point velocity correlations support these instantaneous observations. Instantaneous velocity elds in stereo PIV measurement revealed alternating, low- and high-momentum regions (LMRs and HMRs) in the spanwise direction that embody a signi cant fraction of the Reynolds shear stress. Consistent with the 2D PIV measurements, reduced wall-normal extent and less intense LMRs and HMRs were observed under FPG conditions, while these characteristics were mitigated due to the presence of surface roughness. To examine the average spatial structure of the ow, two-point velocity correlations were computed. While two-point correlations of velocity re ected the basic signature of spanwise-alternating LMRs and HMRs, correlations of velocity elds embodying only the largest spatial scales revealed an even higher degree of spanwise coherence of these patterns. However, the shortening of correlation, especially in spanwise direction was observed in FPG-Rough case.
Issue Date:2013-05-24
Rights Information:Copyright 2013 Dahhea Min
Date Available in IDEALS:2013-05-24
Date Deposited:2013-05

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