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Title:Need for Nutrition Ubiquitous in Universities
Author(s):Arend, Greg; Ray, Kasey; Sokol, Michelle; Turner, Hevin
dinding hall
public housing
private housing
Abstract:The purpose of our research is to see how the university encourages students to cook their own meals and if these meals would be healthier than the options provided at the dining halls. To do this, we handed out surveys to seventy-two people, whom ate at either the Ikenberry Dining Hall (public housing) or Illini Towers (private housing). Also, we gathered more information about the Ikenberry Dining Hall by conducting an interview with its head nutritionist, Robin Allen. In addition to these, we investigated students’ options for cooking if they did not have a kitchen within their residence halls (public housing). Through our research, we found that many students were concerned with eating healthy; however, when faced with putting that into actuality, the majority of students were either too lazy or too strapped for time. Robin Allen understood that students would not take the time to cook for themselves, and that is why she is focusing on bringing healthier options into the dining halls. Since the dining halls are providing healthy eating options, students do not feel the need to cook their own meals while living in the residence halls.
Issue Date:2013
Course / Semester:Fall 2012; Rhetoric 105; Linda Larsen, Instructor
Publication Status:unpublished
Peer Reviewed:not peer reviewed
Date Available in IDEALS:2013-05-29

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