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  • Underwood, Ted (2017-09-13)
    Metadata for English-language fiction in HathiTrust Digital Library, after 1922. These volumes were identified as fiction algorithmically, using a predictive model trained on text, supplemented by metadata. Algorithmic ...


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  • Underwood, Ted; Sellers, Jordan (2016)
    A history of literary prestige needs to study both works that achieved distinction and the mass of volumes from which they were distinguished. To understand how those patterns of preference changed across a century, we ...


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  • English, James F.; Underwood, Ted (2016)
    Questions of scale have been framed as a "crisis of largeness" for literary study. But questions of scale can also be understood, not a crisis for one discipline, but as an opportunity to unite several disciplines through ...


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  • Underwood, Ted (2016-01-17)
    How quickly does time pass in English fiction? Sampling passages from ninety novels, this essay reveals dramatic changes in the mean pace of fiction -- notably a seventy-fold slowing from the early eighteenth century through ...


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  • Underwood, Ted (Cultural Analytics, 2016-05-23)
    Literary genres are social institutions constituted by particular traditions of production and reception. But the boundaries of those traditions are deeply contested; some scholars lump the Newgate novel and Agatha Christie ...


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