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  • Underwood, Ted (2018)
    Data to support chapter 4 of the book _Distant Horizons._ This includes mostly lists of words associated with specific literary characters. The file 4a will unpack into a folder of ~80,000 separate .tsv files, one for each ...


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  • Underwood, Ted (2013-09-16)
    This workset is data in support of the article "Mapping Mutable Genres in Structurally Complex Volumes," It is a .tsv file containing 32,209 lines, each of which corresponds to a volume in ...


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  • Underwood, Ted (2018)
    Tab-separated files containing wordcounts from volumes of fiction. The names of the files are keyed to volume IDs in HathiTrust Digital Library. Data was prepared using code in the repository supporting "A Measured ...


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  • Underwood, Ted; Bamman, David; Lee, Sabrina (2018-02-02)
    Over the last 170 years, the roles of masculine and feminine characters have become less sharply distinct. In the middle of the nineteenth century, it is relatively easy to identify a character's grammatical gender, just ...


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