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Title:The Molecular Spectra of Caesium and Rubidium
Author(s):Kusch, Polykarp
Director of Research:Loomis, F.L.
Doctoral Committee Member(s):Bartlett Jr., James H.; Kruger, P. Gerald; Mott-Smith, H.M.; Coble, A.B.
Department / Program:Physics
Subject(s):alkali metals
heavy alkali metals
Dissociation - molecular
Abstract:The molecular spectra of the alkali metals have been known for a long time. Rather complete information is already available with regard to the vibrational structure of the electronic bands of Li2, Na2 and K2 • The best vibrational analyses have been :made by Loomis and Nusbaum, vho used the method of magnetic rotation. From these data they have obtained aoourate values for the heats of dissociation of Li2, N2 and K2. Further information about these three molecules has been obtained from observations of their absorption spectra. The data available on tho molecular spectra of Rb2 and Cs2 are much more limited. Waltor and Barratt have reported the wave lengths of some bands in the speotra of both of these molecules but no attempt at analysis has been made. Rompe has extended tho data on Cs2, but his data are incomplete and the analysis is inadequate. Matuyama has observed the molecular spectrum of Cs2 in some detail, but the data are insufficient for the determination of the energy of dissociation. Matuyama has further observed the molecular spectrum of Rb2, but here again the work is incomplete. This investigation was undertaken to extend our knowledge of the spectra and heats of dissociation of the alkali metal molecules to those members of the series for which complete data are not already available. Moreover it is to be expected that the heavy eleents, in which the atomic spectra show strong spinorbit interactions, will show in their band spectra an approach to a new type of coupling, at least in the neighborhood of dissociation. This transition may be expected to occur for the last two members of the alkali metal series, and it is one purpose of this investigation to see if such a transition may be detected.
Issue Date:1936-05-06
Genre:Dissertation / Thesis
Sponsor:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rights Information:© Polykarp Kusch
Date Available in IDEALS:2013-11-21

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