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Title:So who are these young librarians? A study of Millennials as academic librarians.
Author(s):Taylor, Jenny Emanuel
Subject(s):Academic Libraries, Millennials, Generations, Technology
Abstract:Academic librarianship is a career punctuated in recent years by the growth of new technologies used in creating, organizing, and retrieving information. Many academic librarians are struggling to keep up to date with these technology changes. The career itself is evolving and reaching out to a new generation of student that is increasingly dependent on these recent technologies, members of the Millennial Generation. However, Millennials are not only students, but they are becoming academic librarians that believe they can work with new technologies and evolve the library in new and exciting ways to meet the needs of students today and into the future. However, there is not a good understanding as to the reasons why this generation chose librarianship as a career, what path they desire to take, and their demographics, although the profession is eager to learn about them. In 2012, the researcher conducted a widely distributed survey and follow up interviews to gain an understanding of Millennials as librarians. This poster will cover the demographics of younger librarians, why they became librarians, their technology skills, and what we can do to continue to recruit individuals to academic librarianship.
Issue Date:2013-11-19
Genre:Conference Poster
Date Available in IDEALS:2013-11-21

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