School of Human Resources and Family Studies (1974 - 1995)


In 1974, the Department of Home Economics was reorganized as the School of Human Resources and Family Studies.9 Approval was gained in 1978 for restructuring the School into four departments: Family and Consumer Economics, Food and Nutrition, Human Development and Family Ecology, Textiles and Interior Design. The School included the four original departments (later referred to as "divisions"), plus the Home Economics Education Unit. Both undergraduate and graduate programs were offered, including a more diversified graduate degree in "general human resources and family studies." The Human Development and Family Ecology Division operated a Child Development Laboratory. The Food and Nutrition Division operates a Foods Research Laboratory and a Sensory Evaluation Laboratory. In 1991 the Textiles and Interior Design program, referred to as simply Interior Design, was eliminated by the Board of Trustees. On May 11, 1995, the Board of Trustees approved the renaming and reorganization of the College. It was renamed the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences and several changes were made in the organization of departments and divisions.

From the University Archives.

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