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Title:Indexing it all: The Modern Documentary Subsuming of the Subject and its Mediation of the Real
Author(s):Day, Ronald E.
Subject(s):modern documentary tradition
European documentation
citation indexing and analysis
social computing
Android robotics
social big data
Abstract:This paper summarizes some of the themes of my forthcoming book, Indexing it All: The Subject in the Age of Documentation, Information, and Data (forthcoming, MIT Press). The paper presents research on the history and theory of the modern documentary tradition in the 20[th] and into the 21[st] centuries, which it views as an episteme with three dominant moments: European Documentation, Information Science and Data Science. In this paper, European Documentation, citation analysis, social computing, android robotics, and social big data are discussed as cases in the dialectical movement of this tradition. Each stage of this development represents higher levels in the subsumption of human agents and texts within increasingly abstract documentary forms of representation. Documentary indexing and indexicality have been major and increasing sources for the social positioning of persons in modernity, with consequences for personal and social psychologies, politics, and for critique and judgment. The story of the modern documentary tradition is a story of the role of indexing (personal, social, and textual positioning through documentary techniques and technologies) and indexicality (the modes of documentary citation and reference that result in such), and how this has shaped and continues to shape what Suzanne Briet termed, "homo documentator" (Briet, 2006).
Issue Date:2014-03-01
Citation Info:Day, R. E. (2014). Indexing it All: The Modern Documentary Subsuming of the Subject and its Mediation of the Real. In iConference 2014 Proceedings (p. 565 - 576). doi:10.9776/14140
Series/Report:iConference 2014 Proceedings
Genre:Conference Paper / Presentation
Other Identifier(s):140
Publication Status:published
Peer Reviewed:yes
Rights Information:Copyright 2014 is held by the authors of individual items in the proceedings. Copyright permissions, when appropriate, must be obtained directly from the authors.
Date Available in IDEALS:2014-02-28

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