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Title:Networks in Information: An Interactive Engagement of Theoretical and Analytical Approaches
Author(s):Lew, Ava; Wellman, Barry; McEwen, Rhonda; Hyat, Zack; Jacobson, Jenna
social networks
Abstract:Networks, whether they are interpersonal, organizational, or mediated by technology are the essence of cultural and social worlds. The Networks in Information session will engage attendees in discussions on the potential uses of a social network approach, including various theoretical and methodological applications. In addition, participants have the opportunity to experience the role of information and network structures on group problem-solving. This entails highlighting how the ways in which individuals are connected in groups may affect their ability to collectively complete tasks or devise solutions to problems. Recognizing that the information community is interdisciplinary and that the application of a social network approach cuts across disciplines, the session is open to anyone curious about the use of a social network approach in information research and how it applies to specific contexts (cultural, organizational, social and technological). No prior knowledge of the social network approach is required.
Issue Date:2014-03-01
Citation Info:Lew, A., Wellman, B., McEwen, R., Hyat, Z., & Jacobson, J. (2014). Networks in Information: An Interactive Engagement of Theoretical and Analytical Approaches. In iConference 2014 Proceedings (p. 1207 - 1210). doi:10.9776/14219
Series/Report:iConference 2014 Proceedings
Genre:Conference Paper / Presentation
Other Identifier(s):219
Publication Status:published
Peer Reviewed:yes
Rights Information:Copyright 2014 is held by the authors of individual items in the proceedings. Copyright permissions, when appropriate, must be obtained directly from the authors.
Date Available in IDEALS:2014-02-28

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