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Title:3D Audio Playback through Two Speakers
Author(s):Anushiravani, Ramin
Contributor(s):Jones, Douglas L.
Subject(s):binaural recordings
crosstalk cancellation
head related transfer function
Abstract:3D sound can reproduce a realistic acoustic environment for binaural recordings through headphones and loudspeakers. 3D audio playback through loudspeakers is externalized in contrast with headphone playback, where the sound localization is inside the head. Playback through loudspeakers, however, requires crosstalk cancellation (XTC). It is known that XTC can add severe spectral coloration to the signal. One of the more successful XTC filters is the BACCH implemented in Jambox, where the spectral coloration is reduced at the cost of lowering the level of XTC. BACCH uses a free field two-point source model to derive the XTC filter. In this thesis, Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF)-based XTC is discussed in comparison with the BACCH filter. The HRTF-based XTC filter considers an individual's sound localization frequency responses in a recording room (spectral cues), in addition to those (ITD and ILD cues) in BACCH. HRTF-based XTC, nevertheless, is individual to one person and works best in an acoustically treated room (e.g., anechoic chamber) for only one sweet spot (it is possible to create multiple sweet spots for an HRTF-based XTC by tracking the head using Kinect).
Issue Date:2013-12
Publication Status:unpublished
Peer Reviewed:not peer reviewed
Date Available in IDEALS:2014-03-12

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