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The Image of Research is a multidisciplinary competition celebrating the diversity and breadth of student - both graduate and undergraduate - research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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  • Zhou, Bingyu (2021)
    Large-scale airline recovery management is a near-real time dynamic programming problem that designed to manage the airline flight networks. Our research focus is on the algorithm improvement for the minimum cost route ...


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  • Singh, Amrit (2021)
    Gas bubble dispersions in liquid media are ubiquitous in nature and industry. Often, such gas bubbles are enclosed within a layer of particulate matter or within a liquid that is different from the surrounding media, ...


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  • Hughes, Isabel (2021)
    I am fabricating Platinum nanoelectrodes capable of detecting minuscule amounts of reactive oxygen species in cancer cells. The cutting edge aspect of my work is that I am working to be able to detect smaller amounts of ...


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  • Chen, Zixuan (2021)
    I built this visualization of isosurfaces of electron density in Blender. The image is a snapshot of electron density that is ejected from a thin piece of aluminum after an energetic proton impacted the material. These ...


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  • Pronitcheva, Veronica (2021)
    Amphiprion ocellaris, also known as clownfish or anemonefish, live in small groups of 2-4 fish symbiotically in association with sea anemones on coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific. This image depicts a female clownfish ...


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