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The Image of Research is a multidisciplinary competition celebrating the diversity and breadth of student - both graduate and undergraduate - research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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  • Zhuang, Yi (2019)
    The Soneira-Peebles model (Soneira & Peebles 1978) is applied to study the clustering distribution. Started from level L = 0, eta is the number of points within each circle at each level, the radius at each level is R / ...


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  • Zhu, Junzhe (2019)
    We web-scraped 450000+ comments from New York Times, applied a LDA model to analyze their topic distribution, and manually marked these topics. We then derived a Random Decision Tree Forest of 100 regression trees, with ...


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  • Yoon, YoungJoo (2019)
    Over 6 billion people will live in urbanized metropolitan areas in 2050. Food shortage and overpopulation will be inevitable. This photo shows basil plants grown with LED farming technology. They have been observed in ...


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  • Van Patten, Haley (2019)
    For nearly 500 consecutive days, I have filmed myself dancing to research how time and events in my life develop who I am as a dancer and a person. The daily improvisational scores that I conduct movement from are created ...


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  • Tian, Zoe (2019)
    The research that I have been working on is single cell analysis. Single cell study is crucial for understanding fundamental brain function. An extraction system is utilized to split the cells into two contents. Some cells ...


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