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  • Jain, Ishita (2021)
    Serendipitously, putting liver stem cells on a circular shaped surface resulted in a beautiful pattern of green biliary cells and red hepatocytes. To make the happy coincidence even merrier they started dancing in a spiral ...


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  • Jain, Ishita (2019)
    The image represents a part of a cellular microarray. The rows serve as different microenvironmental conditions (different protein compositions printed on a 2D hydrogel) present in the liver, and the columns are replicates ...


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  • Jain, Ishita (2020)
    Let us begin with this amazing fact about our livers - almost 2/3rds of your liver can be transplanted to another human being, and it'll grow back to its original size in both the bodies. However, in many liver diseases, ...


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