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  • Lawson, Shelby (2021)
    If I asked you to identify the stranger in the nest, your first guess might be the metal button on the side of it. While the button is certainly out of place in a natural nest, the real stranger is the top right egg. Did ...


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  • Lawson, Shelby (2020)
    My research focuses on Yellow Warbler and the special “seet” call they make. Yellow Warblers seet call to warn each other about nearby Brown-headed Cowbirds, which lay their eggs in the nests of other species and leave the ...


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  • Lawson, Shelby (2019)
    During the spring I go out into the field and study Yellow Warblers, a small bird common in Illinois. I'm interested in how they react to different playbacks we present to them, both behaviorally and physiologically, which ...


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