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Title:Characterizing and Adapting the Consistency-Latency Tradeoff in Distributed Key-value Stores
Author(s):Rahman, Muntasir Raihan; Tseng, Lewis; Nguyen, Son; Gupta, Indranil; Vaidya, Nitin H.
Subject(s):Distributed key-value stores, CAP theorem, NoSQL databases
Abstract:The CAP theorem is a fundamental result that applies to distributed storage systems. In this paper, we first present probabilistic models to characterize the three important elements of the CAP theorem: consistency (C), availability or latency (A), and partition-tolerance (P). Then, we provide quantitative characterization of the tradeoff among these three elements. Next, we leverage this result to present a new system, called PCAP, which allows applications to specify either a latency SLA or a consistency SLA. The PCAP system automatically adapts, in real-time and under changing network conditions, to meet the SLA while optimizing the other C/A metric. We incorporated PCAP into two popular key-value stores -- Apache Cassandra and Riak. Our experiments with these two deployments, under realistic workloads, reveal that the PCAP system satisfactorily meets SLAs, and performs close to the bounds dictated by our tradeoff analysis.
Issue Date:2014
Genre:Technical Report
Date Available in IDEALS:2014-07-25

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