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Title:International Open Public Digital Library (IOPDL): A Proposal for the Future
Author(s):Jin, Sunyoung
Subject(s):digital library
international public digital library
evaluating digital library
financial support model
one united organization
Abstract:In the digital age, information access through digital libraries is limited by factors relating to geography, authorization, cost, copyright, and quality and quantity of collections. Addressing the limitations, the International Open Public Digital Library (IOPDL) by federation approach strategy is proposed for the future. It is an open public digital library for the world public to be able to access digital resources all around the world for free or with at least restrictions as a nonprofit organization. IOPDL will consist of a set of cooperating Well-Designed Digital Libraries (WDDLs) respecting their autonomy, and a set of newly published collections all over the world in many subject areas. WDDLs are selected by evaluations with respect to their collection quality, usability, and performance. And it will provide a uniform interface and an integrated search engine achieving interoperability among WDDLs using a Common Terminology to share their collections. Building financial support model, one united organization to establish and manage IOPDL, and unifying language are also required for IOPDL. The discussed impacts of IOPDL in library and education fields are upgrading quality of the present digital libraries by evaluations; providing life-long learning opportunities for the public and for all ages of the world; and ultimately, realizing the human rights in accessing the common property of mankind, knowledge.
Issue Date:2014
Date Available in IDEALS:2014-08-08

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