Illinois Campus Media Census


From February 2011 to March 2013, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign conducted a two-phased Media Census to determine the extent of audiovisual holdings across the campus. The study identified 408,492 physical audiovisual assets in 101 campus units, the majority of which represent obsolete or obsolescent “legacy” formats being stored in conditions detrimental to their long-term usability. As a result, this report recommends prioritizing campus-wide planning for a sustainable infrastructure for the efficient, cost-effective preservation of valued media content.

This collection contains the following items resulting from the Illinois Campus Media Census project:

  • Illinois Campus Media Census Final Report
  • Illinois Campus Media Full Data Set
  • Media Census Questionnaire
  • Media Preservation Brochure

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  • Harris, Joshua S.; Boerger, Zachary; Rimkus, Kyle R. (2014-12-01)
    The final report produced as a result of the Illinois Campus Media Census. This 72 page document covers the background, methodologies, results, recommendations and outcomes resulting from a 3 year project designed to ...


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  • Harris, Joshua S.; Boerger, Zachary (2014-12-01)
    The survey questionnaire used for live, on-site interviews during the Illinois Campus Media Census.


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  • Harris, Joshua S.; Boerger, Zachary (2014-12-01)
    The complete data collected and analyzed as a result of the Illinois Campus Media Census. Data in this set includes: Census results, format breakdowns, unique and rare asset counts, storage assessments and other information ...


    application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheetMicrosoft Excel 2007 (3MB)
  • Boerger, Zachary; Harris, Joshua S. (2013)
    This brochure was produced for the 2013 Illinois Campus Media Census as an outreach and educational document. It was distributed to Census respondents during interview sessions. It has been used as an informational and ...


    application/pdfPDF (7MB)

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