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This community gathers together all types of undergraduate research and scholarship produced at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is meant to provide access to the great range of original and creative contributions of our undergraduate students.

Two other communities involved in undergraduate research at Illinois include:

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  • Ren, Yudong (2018)
    The pulmonary fibrosis is a disease that can cause lung tissue fibrosis and decrease in oxygen diffusion capacity. There is no known for the cause of the pulmonary fibrosis. Many microorganisms reside within human lung. ...


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  • Pien, Daniel W; Young, Jami; Hankin, Benjamin (2018)
    Background Social anxiety (SA) is prevalent during adolescence, with a median age of onset of 13 years. Adolescents become more sensitive to others’ social evaluation, which impacts their self-esteem (SE). Studies suggest ...


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  • Schramer, Tristan D.; West, Taylor R (2018-04)
    Kirtland’s snake (Clonophis kirtlandii) is a small, enigmatic, and fossorial snake species endemic to the prairie peninsula region. In 2017, this species was reviewed by the USFWS for federal listing, but protection was ...


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  • Chen, Weiru; Krandel, Jared; Li, Junxian (2018-04)
    A partition of the integers is a collection of pairwise disjoint integer subsets whose union contains every integer. The upper and lower Wythoff sequences form one such partition using the golden ratio. This construction ...


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  • Adusumilli, Sneha; Lin, Yo-Chuen (2018-04)
    The Origin Recognition Complex (ORC) binds to the origin of replication and recruits the pre-replication complex to initiate DNA replication in all eukaryotes. The smallest subunit of ORC, Orc6, is essential in DNA replication ...


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