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  • Williams, Kate (2012-10-04)
    a sheet of bookmarks for reproducing


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  • Williams, Kate (2012-10-04)
    for the IDEALS collection of materials relating to the Champaign Urbana local wiki


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  • Williams, Kate; Bailey, Ron; Booth, Ashley E.; Breck, Julianne L.; Cao, Haixia; Chen, I-Ju; Gant, Jon P.; Graham, Lauren M.; Grant, Lily; Green, Ivy Renee; Griebler, Claire; Hallauer, Afton; Hebel, Jennifer; Holland, Anna; Idoniboye, Opubo T.; Kim, Sunghwan 'Sunny"; Kretzer, Lela; Lenstra, Noah; Lin, Yueh-Mei; Liu, Qiyuan; Looby, Mary; Lux, Rachel; McClowry, Colleen; Millsap, Samantha; Newcomer, John; Osisek, Elizabeth; Rosulescu, Andrei; Sackmann, Abigail; Sandberg, Jane; Smeltzer, Mike; Sorgert, Becca; Strillacci, Claire (2012-10)


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  • Lenstra, Noah (Community Informatics Research Laboratory, 2010-07)
    This Lab Note reflects one part of a year-long project called eBlackChampaign-Urbana. Our interest here is to provide better access to the dispersed documentation of local African-American history and culture in ChampaignUrbana, ...


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  • Williams, Kate (University of Illinois GSLIS, 2010-11)
    Summarizes concepts from the core course LIS 518 Community Informatics


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