Library Trends 03 (4) Spring 1955: Current Acquisitions Trends in American Libraries


Library Trends 3 (4) Spring 1955: Current Acquisitions Trends in American Libraries. Edited by Robert Vosper.

Here then was some justification, if any were needed, for planning this issue of Library Trends. Here also is some reason for failing to look adequately at all aspects of the matter, for most of the contributors ran into this general failure to think about acquisitional matters. They found the literature on the subject thin or non-existent. This accounts for the unexpected necessity for writing letters and imposing questionnaires on librarians. No other issue of Library Trends thus far has been so dependent on this procedure for assaying practice and thinking in the field. Here then perhaps is the primary trend; libraries and librarians just do not trend sufficiently in the direction of acquisitions. All persons concerned with this issue consider this negative situation most unfortunate and deserving of a remedy.

In this issue the contributors have tried to probe from several vantage points rather than to depend on a clean vertical or horizontal slice through the subject. An imaginative, book-wise and effective acquisitions librarian is a gem in any library setting, and as one who knows has said, "There is no excitement like the hunt . . . for books." This issue of Library Trends should suggest why these observations are true.

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