Library Trends 06 (3) Winter 1958: Building Library Resources Through Cooperation


Library Trends 6 (3) Winter 1958: Building Library Resources Through Cooperation. Edited by Ralph T. Esterquest.

Library cooperation is at a crossroads. It therefore seems appropriate that an issue of Library Trends should be devoted to cooperation, even though there is already an abundant literature on the theme, a literature which unhappily consists mainly of (a) pious generalizations, (b) descriptions of projects and devices, or (c) brave hopes and grand plans for the future. This issue does not attempt to cover the whole field of cooperation; its emphasis is placed on the cooperative approach to building and increasing library resources.

In substance, this issue tries to do three things. First, it tries to trace some of the roots of library cooperation in the soil of library needs and to describe the important forms that cooperation has taken among libraries of different types in the United States and abroad. In the second place, it attempts to present a rounded picture of the present state of this varied aspect of library economy at the particular point in history at which we now stand. In these two respects, the present issue follows the usual pattern of earlier numbers of this periodical. In the third place, however, it departs somewhat from the usual format of Library Trends, in that it attempts to find an answer to an extremely important aspect of present day library development. The question is this: What is the reason why librarians have made relatively little progress with inter-institutional library cooperation in the face of the fact that during the last fifty years, library cooperation has been one of the most talked about and written about subjects of our profession?

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