Library Trends 07 (2) Fall 1958: Aspects of Library Public Relations


Library Trends 7 (2) Fall 1958: Aspects of Library Public Relations. Edited by Len Arnold.

A group of intrepid librarians have drawn together for this issue of Library Trends much of what is known about current thinking and practice covering many aspects of library public relations. This is set against a delineation of general public relations by an outstanding educator in the field of communication. The issue was accomplished by these knowledgeable people in spite of the needling of a self-styled impresario, neither librarian nor educator, but a public relations man occupied, at the time, wholly with library public relations.

A "line" unmistakably pervades the issue. It exhorts, pleads, argues, challenges librarians to identify public relations literally as a function of librarianship and to seek to develop its potentialities-to treat it equally with other defined and accepted areas of library management. Even so, there are glimpses of a time to come when unafraid library administrators and imaginative professional leaders will bring librarianship to fullness and increase the personal satisfaction of librarians many times over, by developing the potential of library public relations. These glimpses are caught in reading this issue of Library Trends; you can almost see the future at the end of the "line."

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