Library Trends 10 (3) Winter 1962: Current Trends in U. S. Periodical Publishing


Library Trends 10 (3) Winter 1962: Current Trends in U. S. Periodical Publishing. Edited by Helen M. Welch and Maurice F. Tauber.

The idea of an issue of Library Trends devoted to a discussion of problems associated with periodical publishing was suggested by an earlier issue of the journal (July 1958) concerned with the publishing of American books. Libraries of all kinds invest a considerable portion - in research libraries, the larger proportion in many cases - of their funds in periodicals. In most fields, and particularly in those areas related to science and technology, periodical literature serves as a medium of latest information. The present group of papers was directed towards the analysis of problems of periodicals published in the United States.

The authors of the various papers which deal with subject areas - humanities, arts, social sciences, business and economics, law, medicine, science and technology, agriculture, and librarianship and bibliography - have approached their topics in differing ways, depending upon the fields. In general, the purpose of the issue is to provide a review of the developments in publishing during the last ten years as reflected in the literature on the subject, to present an overview of the current conditions of periodical publishing in the United States, and to indicate the directions in which this type of publishing seems to be moving.

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