Library Trends 12 (1) Summer 1963: Current Trends in Public Library Service to Children


Library Trends 12 (1) Summer 1963: Current Trends in Public Library Service to Children. Edited by Winifred C. Ladley.

Paul Hazard, in Books, Children and Men, describes the children’s library in a statement as well known to librarians as Robert Leigh’s conclusion that "children’s rooms and children’s librarians have been the classic success of the public library." Because, however, the ability to change - to adapt to new surroundings and circumstances - must be inherent in the nature of innovations that become established, of successes that continue "classic," the range of public library services to children has of necessity been amplified to include many new notes, many new combinations of old ones.

An examination of the new melodies thus played becomes especially pertinent now when all aspects of library service are definitely in a state of exciting development. True, all libraries may still be able to say, with Socrates, "All good is magnetic, and I educate not by lessons but by going about my daily business." It is that daily business, however, that has changed. In what ways, as far as public library service to children is concerned? This issue of Library Trends explores some of those ways, of significance to all librarians.

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