Library Trends 12 (4) Spring 1964: European University Libraries: Current Status and Developments


Library Trends 12 (4) Spring 1964: European University Libraries: Current Status and Developments. Edited by Robert Vosper.

In large measure American librarians have been monolingual and have had an inadequate understanding of library experiences other than in this country and in modern times. Thus we have practiced our profession with insufficient knowledge of how it is practiced elsewhere and of how it was practiced generations ago. This inadequacy is certainly a limiting factor in our professional practice, and furthermore it has made it difficult for us fully to bear our responsibilities abroad in the modern world. This is not to say that American librarianship has altogether lacked an international outlook. Our participation in international activities, individually and organizationally, has developed most remarkably since the 1940’s, and this development, of course, has related directly to the expanding involvement of the American people in the world at large.

Each author in this issue has been asked to give attention particularly to those aspects of university librarianship of a most pressing concern to his countrymen in recent years, on the assumption that local situations will variously effect the development of librarianship, and the articles would seem to bear this out. Yet with all the national differences of pattern and emphasis, several fundamental concerns and procedures in common are also observable.

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