Library Trends 13 (1) Summer 1964: Research Methods in Librarianship


Library Trends 13 (1) Summer 1964: Research Methods in Librarianship. Edited by Guy Garrison.

The papers presented in this issue of Library Trends, with the exception of the final one, were originally prepared for the Conference on Research Methods in Librarianship sponsored by the Library Research Center, Graduate School of Library Science, with the cooperation of the Division of University Extension, and held at Allerton House, the University of Illinois conference center near Monticello, Illinois, on September 8-11, 1963.

The conference last September, in addition to furnishing an over- view of current practices in library research, served also to call attention to the need for establishing some continuing, if informal, means of fostering better communication among research-minded librarians. Research deserves to be recognized as a distinct specialty within librarianship and its practitioners should have some outlet for discussion, criticism, and shared experience. While the Allerton House conference did not take any action or make any recommendations on this matter, it did show that there are many librarians concerned with research who would welcome the chance to affiliate with a group or organization identified with research in librarianship. Publication of these papers in Library Trends will perhaps serve to make an even wider audience aware of this need.

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