Library Trends 14 (4) Spring 1966: Current Trends in Branch Libraries


Library Trends 14 (4) Spring 1966: Current Trends in Branch Libraries. Edited by Andrew Geddes.

For almost one hundred years the means of ex- tending library service in metropolitan areas has been through the development of branch outlets. In general these units have been considered as miniature main libraries conveniently located for easy access by all residents of the neighborhood and offering a varied range of services. Because of this structure, a substantial portion of the budget of any consolidated system is allocated to branch library operations for staff, for library materials and for building maintenance. It is also safe to assume that a great deal of administrative time as well is devoted to the many aspects of this phase of the library program. Despite the acknowledged growth and importance of the branch library structure, it is equally clear that professional literature dealing with branch administration is almost totally lacking.

In an effort to present a reasonably comprehensive examination of the development of branch libraries and their current status, the Publication Board of Library Trends has authorized this issue on Current Trends in Branch Libraries. This publication should prove of considerable value to library school students, to administrators of public libraries, to persons newly-charged with responsibility for branch ad- ministration, and to governmental officials and community groups who need to know the role of the branch library in the metropolitan complex of services.

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