Library Trends 18 (1) Summer 1969: Trends in College Librarianship


Library Trends 18 (1) Summer 1969: Trends in College Librarianship. Edited by H. Vail Deale.

If years, like earthquakes, were measured on a seismograph, then the quarter century beginning with World War II and ending with nation-wide upheavals on our campuses would register as one of the most turbulent in our history. It is a complex and changing world; the old order is collapsing while nothing is rising to replace it. Change is especially evident in higher education, and to some extent within academic librarianship.

Before one can build castles for the future, one must survey the foundations of the past. Or perhaps we may distort the words of Thoreau: before we can build solid foundations for the future, we need to dream of all the possibilities and options open to us. Contributors to this issue have summarized some of the major areas of academic librarianship, especially as they apply to college libraries, and have then proceeded to suggest possible directions which these areas may take in the next quarter century. As contemporary man gropes for solutions to the problems of peace, population and protest-and all the lesser manifestations of turbulence in the twentieth century, one fact is certain: he will need more, and not less, of the accumulated wisdom of the ages. College librarianship will have a significant role to play in the quest.

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