Library Trends 22 (2) Fall 1973: Research in the Fields of Reading and Communication


Library Trends 22 (2) Fall 1973: Research in the Fields of Reading and Communication. Edited by Alice Lohrer.

In the Spring of 1973 the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library Science had planned a three-day institute at Allerton Park on "Research in the Fields of Reading and Communication" to bring together three professional groups-librarians, research specialists, and trade publishers. Due to unavoidable circumstances, the institute had to be canceled. The papers planned for the program, however, were prepared and now make up this issue of Library Trends.

It is hoped that these summaries and implications of research studies in a few of the fields of reading will have real value to many readers. Insights, answers, and understandings can be found through a systematic study of research findings. Many of the recent studies are reinforcing the findings of the past. At the same time newer problems are being analyzed and answers sought, with more relevant interpretations being given. Much research in this field of reading has been done; much that has been done is meaningful today, but more coordinated and cooperative projects are needed if real insights are to be gained. With coordinated research, it would be hoped that the time lag between finding the answers through research and making use of the findings would be greatly shortened for the benefit of everyone.

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