Library Trends 24 (1) Summer 1975: Federal Aid to Libraries


Library Trends 24 (1) Summer 1975: Federal Aid to Libraries: Its History, Impact, Future. Edited by Genevieve M. Casey.

Within a year of the appearance of this issue of Library Trends, the great quadrennial debate will be under way. Both (or all three) political parties will be formulating policy on many issues, including the role of the federal government in the support of libraries. Much of the library legislation of the last twenty years is close to expiration now, and all of it is subject to question as new priorities are formulated in all areas of public policy. In order to plan wisely for the future, it is urgent that the library community - librarians, trustees and library users - understand what the impact has been of the federal aid to libraries which has been enacted since 1956. The needs of people for library and information services in 1976 and 1980 are not necessarily what they were in the 1950s and 1960s. More of the same kind of support may not be justifiable. The Publications Committee of Library Trends conceived this issue as a compendium of data about federal aid to libraries, which would help the library community to reach a consensus about future needs and directions.

The contributors and the editor of this issue of Library Trends hope that the information presented here will offer useful base data for making wise decisions in the crucial months ahead.

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