Library Trends 24 (4) Spring 1976: An Analysis and Survey of Commercial Library Supply Houses


Library Trends 24 (4) Spring 1976: An Analysis and Survey of Commercial Library Supply Houses. Edited by Harold L. Roth.

In the past ten to fifteen years there has been a great change in the availability of commercial library supply houses, the nature of their services, and the type of products they handle. This issue of Library Trends is an attempt to study trends in the development of the library supplier, both those aspects in existence and new ones that are emerging. Each contributor was asked to review critically the functions of the suppliers in his specialty area, to identify the types of services being performed, listing some of the elements which must be considered in selecting a supplier, in discussing costs and pricing policies, and in determining ways to evaluate the supplier. The publications committee also requested that the emphasis be placed on profit-making institutions and the services they provide to all types of libraries, rather than on nonprofit institutions which at present may be performing services for a fee. Sot all commercial library suppliers could be discussed, so selection was based on the editor's own determination of significant areas for consideration in this centennial year of librarianship. This does not mean that some of the old standards were overlooked, however. Instead, an effort has been made to consider old and new facets of library applications of the commercial library supply houses.

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