Library Trends 25 (1) Summer 1976: American Library History: 1876-1976


Library Trends 25 (1) Summer 1976: American Library History: 1876-1976. Edited by Howard W. Winger.

This collection of papers on American library history was planned to help commemorate the one hundred years of development that has occurred since 1876. The organization of this collection has aimed at a comprehensive view of what American librarians and libraries were thinking and doing. Although the subject of this volume is one hundred years of library history, events did not occur and ideas did not surface at regular intervals on a yearly basis. Some authors found it desirable to begin earlier than 1876; others began their serious accounts at a later date. All, of course, devote more attention to some years than others. Sometimes these emphases are contingent on the availability of records. Such is the nature of history.

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