Library Trends 25 (3) Winter 1977: Trends in Bibliographic Control: International Issues


Library Trends 25 (3) Winter 1977: Trends in Bibliographic Control: International Issues. Edited by Mary Ellen Soper and Benjamin F. Page.

This issue has been planned so that information about some of the many developments and decisions concerning bibliographic control would be brought together in one place. It should enable the library community not only to become aware of them, but to prepare for them. At the time this issue was conceived (1974), reports of international activities were appearing in a wide variety of publications, many of which were not published in this country. It seemed that there was a need to bring this information together and have it presented in a readily understandable fashion, making explicit as many of the implications for American practices as possible.

After reading these articles it became apparent that this issue is not only a survey of international activities and their effect on cataloging in this country, but it also provides a partial background and introduction to the second edition of AACR. The second edition may be released in 1977, and possibly will precede the appearance of this issue. Until it does appear and the final results of the extensive discussions here and abroad can be seen, many of the articles in this issue will appear rather incomplete. Many of the final decisions regarding the rules were not available at press time, but the trends are clear. The second edition promises to be as close to an international code as is currently possible, and will reflect the discussed international trends in cataloging closely.

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