Library Trends 29 (1) Summer 1980: Current Library Use Instruction


Library Trends 29 (1) Summer 1980: Current Library Use Instruction. Edited by A. P. Marshall.

In the 1960s there was a resurgence of interest in library user education which ran concomitantly with a period of intense searching for values. A sizable number of librarians during this period seemed to see their profession as amibivalent, claiming no sound discipline of its own, but clinging tenaciously to the more established fields of study. There was very strong, even emotional desire for clearer definitions of the library profession and better-defined objectives. To be librarians in what they perceived as the old tradition was not enough. They felt that there had to be more to the profession than was immediately apparent. College enrollments mushroomed during the 1960s,and new laws and interpretations of laws were followed by avalanches of so-called nontraditional students to college campuses, seeking to equip themselves with the advantages that college education could offer. Librarians, concerned with their roles as transmitters of important knowledge and concepts, started questioning their own abilities to meet the challenges brought by this "nontraditional student."

Emerging from this milieu of concerns came the somewhat dormant idea that librarians could do more to contribute to the teaching/learning process than play a waiting role. Courses of action had to be determined, and time had to be found for strategic planning. Recollections of many programs, hundreds of concerned librarians, and dozens of organizations with funds to dispense came to mind as preparation for this issue began. An effort was made to select from a large number of informed and qualified persons those who would be willing to contribute in this unique way to an "update" on the general subject of library user instruction (or bibliographic instruction).

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