Library Trends 29 (2) Fall 1980: Library Services to Ethnocultural Minorities


Library Trends 29 (2) Fall 1980: Library Services to Ethnocultural Minorities. Edited by Leonard Wertheimer.

The accelerated economy of Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia has attracted temporary workers from southern and southeastern Europe; political unrest and adverse economic conditions have induced others to leave their countries and to settle permanently in others. In both cases the host countries have been faced with unexpected problems and tasks, caused by the presence of people with different languages, different ways of life, different expectations of public services. Unfortunately, libraries were not prepared or equipped to carry out the new tasks; with no reliable information or examples at hand, each library has responded as best it could, searching for suitable personnel, for materials, for practical methods.

Because this new service has not found its way into curricula of library science courses (except for isolated instances), and because published literature on the subject is scanty, it seemed desirable to bring together, in one issue of Library Trends,a collection of articles that would serve as a resource to librarians in many parts of the world. In the following pages, fourteen articles on various aspects of the new problems and some solutions are presented by a panel of distinguished authors from seven countries. We hope that the present volume is not the last word on the subject, but that, on the contrary, it will initiate further research which will do better justice to the vital subject than does this modest effort.

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