Library Trends 32 (4) Spring 1984: Research in Librarianship


Library Trends 32 (4) Spring 1984: Research in Librarianship. Edited by Mary Jo Lynch.

Although research in the various areas of the field has been surveyed often in Library Trends, it has been twenty years since this journal has published a general issue on research in librarianship. This issue of Library Trends aims to bring the record up-to-date and also to indicate what might happen in the future. It should be noted that we have called the area to be covered librarianship - not the traditional “Library Science” or the more modern “Library and Information Science.” Librarianship in 1984 is quite different from what it was twenty years ago, but it is still librarianship. The focus of this issue is on research related to the work done by librarians when they provide library service. This focus is a very broad one; it does not exclude theoretical work except that which has no foreseeable relationship to the practical concerns of librarians.

Taken as a whole, these essays provide abundant evidence that research in librarianship is very alive-although certainly not without problems. The editors and authors associated with this issue are hopeful that it will help the library community to solve those problems and produce research which will build the knowledge base our field needs now more than ever.

Library Trends (ISSN 0024-2594) is an essential tool for librarians and educators alike. Each issue thoroughly explores a current topic of interest in professional librarianship and includes practical applications, thorough analyses, and literature reviews. The journal is published quarterly for the Graduate School of Library and Information Science by The Johns Hopkins University Press. For subscription information, call 800-548-1784 (410-516-6987 outside the U.S. and Canada), email jlorder [at], or visit

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