Library Trends 33 (2) Fall 1984: The Quality of Trade Book Publishing in the 1980s


Library Trends 33 (2) Fall 1984: The Quality of Trade Book Publishing in the 1980s. Edited by Walter C. Allen, Eleanor Blum, and Ann Heidbreder Eastman.

What is "Quality Book Publishing?" To the editors of this issue of Library Trends, it is the “serious” book. What we are concerned with are books with high levels of high ideas, content and writing, books which assure - or at least promise - current and, we hope, lasting interest. We are also concerned with their physical beauty and integrity. The original purposes of this issue had a rather broad concept: “Publishing in Library and Information Science,” by which we meant the role of publishing in our professions. The editors decided that in this issue we wanted to focus on quality in trade book publishing, in view of the fact that many of the other concerns were being covered for libraries elsewhere. There seemed to be very little addressing the question of quality. If books are going to continue to be a major factor in libraries for several more decades, which all three editors of this issue firmly believe, we need to be concerned about the many factors which are involved in ensuring quality.

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