Library Trends 33 (4) Spring 1985: Community / Junior College Libraries: National and International Aspects


Library Trends 33 (4) Spring 1985: Community / Junior College Libraries: National and International Aspects. Edited by Marilyn Searson Lary.

Within the twenty years since an issue of Library Trends has been devoted to community college librarianship, the responsibilities of two-year college libraries, Learning Resources Centers (LRCs), have continued to increase and expand. From originally providing resources to support college transfer programs and vocational skills programs, the two-year college LRC is now expected to respond to many diverse and disparate needs. No other type of educational institution in this country is asked, indeed expected, to provide so much diversity in programs and resources for so many different demands. Despite criticism, extremely spare budgets and ever increasing needs, community college resource centers have managed to respond to their constituencies. And this response has been characterized by openness, creativity and optimism embodying the spirit of “doing all that one can.”

As in all libraries, this response has been influenced not only by financial and educational considerations but by the changing face of librarianship itself. This issue is offered to library practitioners, students and educators as an introduction to community college librarianship in the mid-1980s: the challenges of and responses to a changing educational horizon for us all.

Library Trends (ISSN 0024-2594) is an essential tool for librarians and educators alike. Each issue thoroughly explores a current topic of interest in professional librarianship and includes practical applications, thorough analyses, and literature reviews. The journal is published quarterly for the Graduate School of Library and Information Science by The Johns Hopkins University Press. For subscription information, call 800-548-1784 (410-516-6987 outside the U.S. and Canada), email jlorder [at], or visit

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