Library Trends 36 (1) Summer 1987: Recent Trends In Rare Book Librarianship


Library Trends 36 (1) Summer 1987: Recent Trends In Rare Book Librarianship. Edited by Michele Valerie Cloonan.

Thirty years ago Howard H. Peckham compiled an issue for this journal on the topic of rare book libraries. In his introduction he could propose that: “To devote an issue of Library Trends to rare book libraries and collections is clear recognition ...that there is no extensive literature on the subject.” The number and scope of articles (and their sources) in this issue demonstrate that today the lack of “extensive literature on the subject” is no longer an operable phrase. In 1957 the apparent paucity of information on rare book librarianship was justification for a journal issue; in 1987 the flood of information calls for a reevaluation. The chief difficulty now lies in establishing parameters. During the ensuing years no one has provided an entirely satisfactory definition of rare books, but then it is not the issue that it seems to have been in the 1950’s. Today the profession’s concerns range widely to include computers and scientific equipment, standards, bibliographic control, fund-raising, preservation, ethics, security, and literary rights, as well as the increasing role of rare book collections in the humanistic disciplines. The history of the book has also emerged as a discipline.

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