Library Trends 39 (3) Winter 1991: Toward Information Literacy -- Innovative Perspectives for the 1990s


Library Trends 39 (3) Winter 1991: Toward Information Literacy -- Innovative Perspectives for the 1990s. Edited by Mary M. Huston.

In the past decade, librarians have come to agree that mere library orientation offers prospective researchers inadequate preparation for the decision-making involved in contemporary information- gathering and utilization activities. Most recently, the profession’s attention has turned to the contemporary need for intelligent decision-making which is, in turn, dependent on individuals’ access to and use of accurate, comprehensive, and relevant information. An information literate person, then, must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to effectively locate, evaluate, and employ the needed information. The contributors to this issue of Library Trends have accepted the challenge of presenting instructional perspectives, from varying points of view, which support the cultivation of dimensions of information literacy.

These authors’ perspectives offer ambitious, innovative ideas which challenge the currently accepted notions about the appropriate scope and outcome of user education. It is fitting that these visionary thoughts are published at the beginning of a decade which promises to give new meaning to the phrase “information age.” In turn, it is the editor’s hope that this issue of Library Trends will give new meaning to the phrase “information literacy.”

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