Library Trends 40 (1) Summer 1991: Software for Patron Use in Libraries


Library Trends 40 (1) Summer 1991: Software for Patron Use in Libraries. Edited by Denise M. Beaubien, Alice Lefler Primack, and Colleen Seale.

The vision for this issue was to provide one comprehensive guide that covered all aspects of patron-use software in all types of libraries. Thus we provide some articles that detail specific issues and complement them with case studies that cut across all issues while treating each of the major types of libraries. The articles provide literature reviews in the areas of selection, intellectual access (e.g., cataloging and classification), physical access (e.g., circulation and preservation), copyright issues, reference, and staff training. The case studies illustrate how various types of libraries - academic, public, school, and special - cope with those areas. The literature reviews provide the base from which libraries can build policies and procedures. In addition, many of the articles provide some very practical advice. Throughout this issue of Library Trends, the term software includes virtually anything in computer-readable form, including, but not limited to, laser or optical disks such as CD, CD-ROM, CDI; floppy or hard disks; tape, including cassette, reel, or cartridge; and various online applications.

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