Library Trends 40 (3) Winter 1992: Libraries and Librarians: Meeting the Leadership Challenges of the 21st Century


Library Trends 40 (3) Winter 1992: Libraries and Librarians: Meeting the Leadership Challenges of the 21st Century. Edited by Barbara B. Moran.

This issue of Library Trends examines the topic of leadership, focusing specifically on leadership in the context of libraries. Contemporary society is often said to be suffering from a crisis in leadership. One of the responses to this crisis has been a resurgence of interest in, and an outpouring of literature about, the topic of leadership. Despite all of this attention, our knowledge about certain aspects of leadership is still characterized by ambiguity and inconsistency.

Despite all of the difficulties involved in understanding leadership, it is important that we continue to try to increase our knowledge about this elusive subject. Leadership skills will be ever more necessary as we move into the uncharted waters of the twenty- first century. In the hope of providing a greater understanding of the topic, the authors of the various articles in this issue of Library Trends have examined a number of facets of those aspects of leadership most relevant to the profession of librarianship. As libraries face the increasingly complex issues and more demanding constituencies of the present age, leadership skills will be ever more valued. In a period of rapid change and uncertainty, leadership needs to be displayed at all levels of the organization. Executive leadership is important, but it is insufficient by itself. All of us need to learn more about leadership and how it can be encouraged and practiced in the libraries of today and tomorrow.

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