Library Trends 47 (3) Winter 1999: Folkloristic Approaches in Library and Information Science


Library Trends 47 (3) Winter 1999: Folkloristic Approaches in Library and Information Science. Edited by Betsy Hearne.

Apart from the research value of the contributions, this Library Trends issue demonstrates the challenges of pedagogy among doctoral students in a field that is not only interdisciplinary but also changing at a meteoric pace. The goals of the issue are twofold: first, the application of one body of scholarship to another for the enrichment of both; and second, a better understanding of how to “hold the center” while mentoring students of an LIS discipline that is at the crossroads of tradition and technology. These goals lead to an issue of Library Trends that is rather different from the usual. This will be an experimental issue, not a systematic exploration of all the important areas of a subject but, rather, a cross-section of LIS researchers looking at an old subject in new ways.

None of these articles is strictly a folkloristic study, nor do any of the authors claim to be focusing on folklore in a strictly defined sense. They are drawing on folkloristic processes and ideas to illuminate their respective fields of interest in library and information science. To overlook the valuable work that has already been done in exploring one kind of information would be a mistake in examining other kinds of information that contain some of the same elements. Folklore, as readers will learn, yields a rich harvest for specialists in library and information science.

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