Library Trends 51 (3) Winter 2003: Economics of Libraries


Library Trends 51 (3) Winter 2003: Economics of Libraries. Edited by Lewis G. Liu and Bryce Allen.

This Library Trends issue contains contributions from library and information science researchers as well as economists. The contributors were identified based on their previous empirical research and publications in economics of libraries and library information services. Publications in this issue are characterized by empirical research. Almost all the contributions are empirical in terms of having theoretical or analytical frameworks, and original data collection, or real world cases. The theme of this issue is economics of libraries, particularly academic libraries. Some articles have addressed issues that have not been explored before. Others have followed the existing line of research but have broken new ground. Still others have integrated a vast body of research literature, and provided in-depth analyses and valuable insights into the issues under investigation. Measuring and evaluating performance of library operations and services are still major research concerns.

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