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Title:Morphus: Supporting Online Reconfigurations in Sharded NoSQL Systems
Author(s):Ghosh, Mainak; Wang, Wenting; Holla Vakwadi, Gopalakrishna; Gupta, Indranil
Subject(s):shard key
key value stores
Abstract:While sharded NoSQL stores offer high availability, reconfiguration operations present a major pain point in deployments today. For instance, in order to change a configuration setting such as the shard (or primary) key of a database table, the prevalent solutions entail shutting down the database, exporting and re-importing the table, and restarting the database. This goes against the philosophy of high availability of data. Our system Morphus provides support for reconfigurations for NoSQL stores in an online manner, allowing read and write operations to continue concurrently with the data transfer among servers. This paper presents: i) optimal algorithms for online reconfigurations, and ii) a systems architecture for reconfiguration operations incorporated into MongoDB. Our evaluation using realistic workloads shows that our system completes reconfiguration efficiently and incurs minimal overhead for reads and writes during the reconfiguration.
Issue Date:2014
Genre:Technical Report
Sponsor:NSF CNS 1319527, NSF CCF 0964471, and AFOSR/AFRL FA8750-11-2-0084
Date Available in IDEALS:2014-09-26

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