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Title:A list of the protozoa and rotifera found in the Illinois River and adjacent lakes at Havana, Ill.
Author(s):Hempel, Adolph
Illinois River
Havana, Illinois
Abstract:The material studied in the preparation of this paper was collected at the Biological Experiment Station established on the Illinois River, at Havana, April 1, 1894, by the University of Illinois and the Illinois State Laboratory of Natural History. The work of collecting the material began April 7, 1894, and was carried on almost entirely at nine substations, designated as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, K, and L. The first three are in Quiver Lake, which is an arm of the river on its east side, about two miles above Havana. A is at the head of the lake ; B, at a wet, springy place on the eastern shore, about half a mile from the head ; and C, about a mile and a half from the head, including both the east and west shores at this point as well as the middle of the lake, where the towing-net was hauled, the depth here at low water being about four feet. D is about half a mile above Havana, on the east bank of the river, and E about two and a half miles north of the town, in the main river, opposite C, collections being taken especially from the west shore and the middle of the river, where the depth at low water was about nine feet. About half a mile below Havana, west of the river, is situated Phelps Lake, which is merely a shallow depression something over half a mile long and less than a quarter of a mile wide, surrounded by woodland, and usually filled with water to a depth of one or two feet ; near its upper end F is located. G is in the southern part of Thompson's Lake, a large permanent body of water, about five miles long and over half a mile wide, with a depth at low water of about four feet, lying to the west of the river above Havana. K is located near the middle of Flag Lake, which is a large but very shallow body of water, about three miles long and half a mile wide, lying between Thompson's Lake and the Illinois River, and full of coarse "flags" Scirpus, Sagittaria, etc., Nymphaa, Nelumbo, and Ceratophyllmn. L is situated in Dogfish Lake, which opens into the west side of Quiver Lake, and is about a mile long and a quarter of a mile wide, and somewhat shallower than Quiver Lake at C. Collections were also made in the "Pumpkin Patch," a small marshy bay communicating with Quiver Lake at its head, and in Matanzas Lake, just east of the river, about three and a half miles south of Havana.
Issue Date:1898-12
Publisher:Champaign : Illinois Natural History Survey
Series/Report:Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin; v. 005, no. 06
Rights Information:Copyright 2009 University of Illinois Board of Trustees. All rights reserved.
Date Available in IDEALS:2014-10-13

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