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  • Green, Harriett (2016)
    Humanities Collaborations and Research Practices: Exploring Scholarship in the Global Midwest” (HCRP) is an 18-month project that will be led by Harriett Green, English and Digital Humanities Librarian at the University ...


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  • Burcica, Pompilia; Hitchins, Keith (2016)
    Proposal to create a web portal intended to host articles, conference papers, book chapters and edited e-books of primary sources currently in progress in Romanian history, literature, library and information science, ...


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  • Babana-Hampton, Safoi; Eswaran-Pillai, Swarnavel; Johnston, Peter; Helms, Marjan (2016)
    The film project seeks to document the diasporic experience of third generation Hmong, who belong to what might be termed a "post-memory generation". In other words, members of a generation that had not witnessed the ...


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  • Putnam, Michael T.; Salmons, Joseph C. (2016)
    Immigration is a major global issue that continues to define the history and culture of the American Midwest. Learning a new language and preserving the old are central concerns for all immigrant communities. The project ...


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