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  • Boyle, Malcolm (Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (formerly Illinois Waste Management and Research Center), 2006, 2013)
    Dynamic Manufacturing, Inc. is family-owned and operated Illinois retail transmission remanufacturing business in Melrose Park, IL. Dynamic worked with technical assistance specialists from the Illinois Sustainable Technology ...


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  • Barnes, Laura L.; Boyle, Malcolm; Herrel, Susan; Case, Laurie; Burke, Ester; Hedke, George; Harris, Chris; Herrin, LeAnn; Kramer, Deb; Miller, Gary D.; Pedken, Jackie; Shen, Li-Chen; Simon, Angela; Tazik, Pam; Illinois Waste Management and Research Center (Illinois Waste Management and Research Center, 1997)


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  • Jacobson, Debra; Lindsey, Tim; Scrogum, Joy; Barnes, Laura L. (Champaign, IL : Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, 2019-08)
    The information in this publication was originally developed as narrative for the Technology Diffusion Topic Hub in 2004. Topic Hubs were web-based guides to peer-reviewed pollution prevention information and expertise on ...


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