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Title:A 3D look inside the future of batteries
Author(s):Gonzalez, Joseph
Subject(s):Aerospace Engineering
Abstract:Silicon (Si) and Tin (Sn) particles are highly attractive materials to use within composite electrodes of lithium ion (Li ) batteries because of their greater ability to hold and store lithium ions, as opposed to the commercially used graphite materials. A drawback to their use, however, is the mechano-electrochemical effects that occur as a result of the volumetric expansion of the particles experienced during lithiation, or penetration of the lithium ions into the host Si or Sn material. In my research, I use X-ray microtomography to visualize, in situ, the evolution of internal anode electrode microstructures at different lithiation and delithiation levels during the first battery cycles using different host materials. These 3D visualizations help determine the extent of damaged particles, the amount of Li diffusion into these particles, and improvements that can be implemented for future batteries. My image uses a combination of 3D scans from a Sn-based anode electrode and at a single particle, which shows a smiley face progression of Li diffusion along with particle fracturing. How do we make advancements? Searching deeper and finding more details. My abstract rendering depicts this progression of batteries to electrodes to particlesgoing smaller to meet the demands of modern technologies.
Issue Date:2015-04
Rights Information:Copyright 2015 Joseph Gonzalez
Date Available in IDEALS:2015-04-20

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