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Title:Ribosome in the pool of its companions
Author(s):Shahoei, Rezvan
Abstract:Ribosome, one of the biggest molecular machines in the living cell, is in charge of the translation of the genetic code. In order to fulfill its substantial mission, ribosome needs to work in concert with other biomolecules. The genetic information is delivered to the ribosome in the form of a messenger RNA. Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, are brought to the ribosome by adaptor molecules called transfer RNAs (tRNAs). There are also elongation factors, GTPases that accompany the ribosome over the course of the protein synthesis. For example elongation factor-Tu (EF-Tu) forms a complex with tRNA in order to carry amino acids to the ribosome. Elongation factor-G (EF-G) plays a crucial rule in the translocation stage of the the elongation of the protein nascent chain. In my research I investigate the conformational changes of the elongation factors after GTP hydrolysis and their impact on the ribosome during the elongation cycle. In this image the ribosome in purple is loaded by three tRNAs in its three sites: E-site, P-site and the A-site. The A-site tRNA is still attached to EF-Tu. There are tRNAs, EF-Tus, complexes of tRNAs and EF-Tus and EF-Gs surrounding the ribosome in different shades of cyan.
Issue Date:2015-04
Rights Information:Copyright 2015 Rezvan Shahoei
Date Available in IDEALS:2015-04-27

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